Founder of Aya Goods, Lucy Mulima, is inspired by tradition and driven by contemporary design. Aya Goods sources fabrics from all around Africa and uses local, bespoke tailoring/craftsmanship to create her distinctively modern items. Her ready-to-wear apparel and leather accessories speak a language that is rooted in practical design.


The range

Aya Goods works with African inspired wax-prints and traditional handwoven fabrics among others, as a starting point in exploring African cultural signifiers and the ways in which they’re reproduced in the global contemporary landscape. Each item features simple and minimal design allowing the eponymous fabrics to tell their own stories in both abstract and literal ways. The total effect is easy, eclectic ready-to-wear apparel that celebrates the modern individual in a striking, yet minimal way.


Behind the name

The name Aya is derived from the Twi language of the Ashanti people of Ghana. Represented by a fern in the Adinkra symbols, Aya stands for endurance, perseverence and defiance of difficulties in all aspects of human endeavor.  It stresses the need for human beings to be strong-willed, self-reliant and resourceful in order to meet the uncertainties of life. This is the spirit that we at Aya Goods strive to exemplify.